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BTEC ICT Unit 1 M3

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment

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BTEC ICT Unit 1 M3

Types of learning styles:

Students that have learning disabilities have one thing in common and that is a processing deficit that gets in the way of their learning. However, every individual learns differently. Roughly 20-30% of the school aged population can recall more of what is heard, 40% remembers things visually or things that are seen or read. However the remaining percentage must write or take notes, or even use their fingers in order to get an understanding.

Auditory learning style:

These learners usually benefit most from traditional teaching techniques, many teachers teach in a lecture style, presenting the information by talking to their students. Things such as a regulating tone of voice, inflection and change of body language will help to keep the students interested and keep their attention. These type of learners tend to succeed when information is read aloud, hence why lectures are very beneficial to them.

Visual learning style:

This type of learning style relies on visual learning meaning reading or presentations. These learners benefit most from diagrams, charts, pictures, films or any information that can be gathered through sight. Visual learners tend to write lists, assignment logs and notes, as well as these techniques helping visual learners, a lot of these can also benefit a kinaesthetic learner.

Kinaesthetic learning style:

A majority of the school population excels through learning kinaesthetically this means through touching, feeling and experiencing things at hand. These learners succeed most when they are totally engaged with learning activity. When performing in physical learning activities such as: Science lab work, drama performance, school trips etc. Due to the fact that there are a high number of these learners in education, the education system is shifting towards a more hands on approach.

Personal learning technique:

I understand which learning style I use most due to participating in a questionnaire that helps individuals discover what kind of learner each individual is. It does this by giving you three options to choose from, your learning style depends on the choices you make.




After choosing out of all the options it shows you a key at the bottom of the page showing what the coloured boxes mean. Pink represents Kinaesthetic learning, blue represents visual learning and green represents auditory learning.


Once I has completed all of it for myself I found out that I am a kinaesthetic learner and work best through doing physical learning activity and much prefer to get on with the task at hand without half as much verbal or auditory learning than that of any other learning style.












I learn best through kinaesthetic learning, this is due to the fact I learn more effectively by getting hands on experiences such as practical activities. I prefer a kinaesthetic learning approach because I think that getting more physically involved in a task enables me to be more involved in the activity therefore making my learning more effective. This will help my development because I am able to be more practical in the activity and improve my knowledge for the future.

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