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• Attendance: There were 5 no show students and one drop due to health problems

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment

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       Attendance: There were 5 no show students and one drop due to health problems.


      Four students failed the class.


One of the students who failed the class did not turn in her paper and notebook and was unprepared for the final exam due to a very busy work and class schedule.


The second student lacked the proper background in the subject.


Another student had difficulty with language and did not know the proper way of writing a summary paper. His lab partner dropped the class and he was left with no help from a partner.


The failure of the fourth student was a surprise. She seemed to have a good understanding of the subject and she asked questions in class. Unfortunately she did not do well in the final exam.




o   Remind students of the importance of having the proper background knowledge in biology and math on the first day of the class, and encourage them to take more basic classes before attempting to continue on in BTEC22.

o   Have the students take a quiz on the first day to assess their knowledge and abilities.


o   Pay extra attention to students without partners and if possible have them work with another group.


o   Explain the summary paper assignment and present an example paper during lecture.


       All students reported that they had a positive experience working with their partner. However a few students indicated that they prefer to work alone.


      The students worked well together in class and demonstrated proper laboratory etiquette.


B. Knowledge of concepts


      Lab notebooks


Explained below in the Skills section.



-          Less than 50% of the students answered question #4 of the first quiz correctly.

Action: The subject was discussed in lecture. Add a diagram in the power point slide to explain amplification of the signal by the indirect method.


      Final exam

Less than 50% of the students received full credit for the following questions:

-          #1 Definition of antigen and immunogen- This is covered in the first lecture.

Action: Reminder during the review.


-          #12 the difference between monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

Action: Add a slide to the lecture to address this specific question.


-          #5 the reason for each procedural step


Action: Add specific questions to the analysis questions for each experiment to emphasize the reason behind each step of the procedure. Add a slide to the lecture explaining this.

      Student Survey


-          One student commented in the survey “it would be helpful if we had been required to write in the reason for each step of the protocol”. The above action should address this comment.


C.    Skills


      Lab notebooks and data analysis


Some common problems observed with the note books and data analysis:


-          The graph for the sandwich ELISA flattened starting at 1µg/ml. And the unknown numbers were under estimated.


Action: lower the concentrations of the standards.


-          The results were not tabulated and organized properly.


Action: Provide a table to be filled up by the students.


-          The abnormal results are not explained in the discussion.


Action: Add a clear question to the analysis section asking about the unexpected numbers.


-          Question #4 of the Competitive ELISA experiment is unclear.


Action: Change the wording of the question.


-          The competitive ELISA standard graph is flat for concentrations below 0.1 µg/ml.

Action: Adjust the standard concentrations.

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