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3.4 Provide information to relevant parties about the plan and the processes to be used

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Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements define the essential outcomes

Performance criteria specify the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element

1. Develop a framework for quality service delivery

1.1 Establish quality service standards through consultation with stakeholders and benchmarking against industry standards or existing quality frameworks

1.2 Develop strategies to ensure procedures deliver high quality services that support good practice standards and the rights and interests of clients

1.3 Identify organisation barriers or issues that impact on delivery of high quality service and develop strategies to address them

1.4 Identify opportunities for continuous improvement and incorporate them into operational plans

1.5 Define and implement continuous improvement processes to monitor and ensure quality client service delivery

1.6 Plan and ensure the involvement of all parties in quality improvement processes

2. Monitor and review service delivery against quality framework

2.1 Use a range of appropriate processes to monitor and review quality of service outcomes for clients and the community

2.2 Monitor and review strategies for addressing barriers and issues relating to quality

2.3 Regularly update service delivery procedures to reflect good practice and to respond to changing legislative requirements and client needs

2.4 Identify need and opportunities for staff to develop the necessary competencies to meet changing service delivery requirements

2.5 Establish and use feedback mechanisms to involve all users of the service and other relevant parties in the review process

2.6 Investigate and document the effects of services on all clients

2.7 Identify differences between stakeholder expectations and service delivery objectives

2.8 Establish mechanisms to provide clients and stakeholders with information about review results

3. Plan and implement revised strategies to improve outcomes

3.1 Use review findings to identify threats to quality

3.2 Respond to and investigate complaints and use as feedback to improve outcomes

3.3 Design and implement a plan with immediate and long term goals to develop and improve the quality of service in consultation with stakeholders

3.4 Provide information to relevant parties about the plan and the processes to be used

4. Ensure the continuous improvement of service standards

4.1 Ensure that revised service standards incorporate stakeholder expectations and available resources

4.2 Regularly communicate service standards and good practice to all stakeholders

4.3 Establish procedures to check that appropriate practice is carried out

4.4 Regularly promote, model and demonstrate good practice to all workers

4.5 Regularly discuss issues with workers and incorporate necessary changes into strategies for continuous improvement

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