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2. Background to the research

01 / 10 / 2021 Project Management

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Research project title
     Try to come up with a catchy one
2.    Background to the research
    Clearly identify the issue or problem to be studied and detail why this topic is important to your setting and your profession in general
3.    Research question
     Write the research question you want answered by this research
4.    Literature
    A lLiterature review is an integral component of a full research proposal. Given that you have completed the literature review for Assessment One, you may make full use of your original literature review. However, this is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability and effort to improve your own work, for example, correct the syntactic or grammatical errors in your original literature review, or add some newly found references. In particular, you are required to forge in the new version of literature review a strong link between the literature review and your research proposal, that is, you need to re‐examine or re‐affirm the research gap(s) to ensure that your choice of research topic is justified by the research gap(s).

5.    Methodology
    Write about your research design (qualitative or quantitative). Discuss your chosen technique (e.g. case study, action research etc) in relation to its relevance for your chosen research.
    Describe the setting in which the study will take place. Include such things as situation, type, amount of staff, ethnicities represented, socio economic level of the area, any special features (make sure you ensure confidentiality). Clearly identify your relationship to the setting here.
    Provide concise detailed information about the participants, who they are, how many are expected, how you will select them.
    Include clear and concise information around the research method/process e.g. Who will collect the data? What method(s) will be used to collect data? Include samples of surveys or questionnaires in your appendix if applicable. Detail how you will analyse the data and where you will store it here also.
     Make links to your reading to justify your methods.
6.    Ethics
    Write a statement about ethics here. Include your responsibilities as a researcher at each stage of the research. Discuss how you will ensure that you do no harm to the participants. How will you ensure confidentiality of all participants? Your discussion should have literature support.
    Detail the processes around: information sheets, informed consent and consent forms. Ethical requirements around photos and other use of IT if relevant. Discuss where consent forms will be kept and for how long.
    Detail the data processes in relation to ethics here e.g. Who will have access to the data? Where will it be stored? How long will it be kept for? What happens to it at the end?
    Consider whether your study is involving other cultural groups and discuss the correct cultural protocols around consultation and consent.
    If focusing on Māori participants then consider the appropriate cultural consultation and consent methods.
     Acknowledge any ethical biases or issues of power that you may have in relation to the research.
    Discuss how many copies of the report will be made and include information about where these will be kept. Also mention your class presentation and any other presentations you may be thinking of doing.
     Provide samples of the information sheets and consent forms in an appendix.

7.    Timeline
    Write a timeline for your research project from start to the handing in of your final report. Make sure you include key factors such as hand‐in dates, meetings with you research supervisor, consent form both out and received‐back‐in dates.

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