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1. Prepare restaurant for service. 1.1.Access organisational information and prioritise and sequence tasks for the service period.

01 / 10 / 2021 Essays & Coursework

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Unit Sector


Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Prepare restaurant for service.

1.1.Access organisational information and prioritise and sequence tasks for the service period.

1.2.Complete set up of dining area and mise en place requirements according to style of service and menu options.

1.3.Check and adjust dining environment to ensure comfort and ambience for customers.

2. Provide food and beverage advice to customers.

2.1.Welcome customers on arrival and offer available pre-meal services.

2.2.Allocate tables, seat customers, and provide napkin service.

2.3.Present food and beverage menus and provide product information.

2.4.Give clear explanations and descriptions and use correct terminology and pronunciation to describe food and beverage menu options.

2.5.Answer questions and make recommendations to assist with food and beverage selection.

2.6.Assist customers with selection of food and beverage matching and promote or upsell products.

2.7.Take customer orders, verify selection, and operate ordering system according to organisational procedures.

2.8.Provide and adjust glassware, service-ware and cutlery suitable for food and beverage choices.

3. Serve and clear meals.

3.1.Monitor flow of service and meal delivery, promptly resolve delays or deficiencies in service, and advise or reassure customers.

3.2.Collect meals from kitchen and check for accuracy and presentation.

3.3.Use appropriate techniques to carry and place plates containing meals and serve to the correct person.

3.4.Check customer satisfaction at the appropriate time.

3.5.Use appropriate techniques to clear and carry multiple used plates and other service-ware.

3.6.Clear used items at the appropriate time during service with minimal disruption to customers.

4. Serve and clear alcoholic beverages.

4.1.Select beverages and check both temperature and presentation prior to serving.

4.2.Load, carry and unload trays where required, safely and avoiding spillage.

4.3.Present beverages selected by customers and verify choice.

4.4.Open and serve beverages correctly, safely and without spillage.

4.5.Pour beverages as required according to organisational and industry standards.

4.6.Refill glasses during service, with minimal disruption to customers.

4.7.Remove used and unused glassware from tables at the appropriate time.

5. Work cooperatively as part of the service team.

5.1.Liaise with kitchen, bar and other waiting staff before, during and after service to maximise efficient customer service.

5.2.Complete end of shift duties.

5.3.Provide handover to incoming restaurant colleagues and share relevant information.

5.4.Review and evaluate services with colleagues and suggest service improvements.

5.5.Undertake tasks according to environmental considerations.

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