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1. Manage contract establishment Requirements of contracts and strategic initiatives are discussed, clarified and agreed by all parties.

01 / 10 / 2021 Essays & Coursework 1

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Elements and Performance Criteria



1. Manage contract establishment 

1.1. Requirements of contracts and strategic initiatives  are discussed, clarified and agreed by all parties.

1.2. Responsibilities for establishing and carrying out procedures are assigned to achieve contract outcomes.

1.3. Effective communication strategies and processes are established and implemented to assist ongoing communication between internal and external stakeholders  and contractors.

1.4. Relationship management is undertaken of all levels of personnel involved in procurement and contract management, within probity boundaries.

1.5. Strategic relationships are established and managed within probity boundaries to improve procurement capability and performance.

1.6. Risk management plans are updated according to organisational policy and procedures.

2. Manage contract performance 

2.1. Progress of contracts is monitored  against set targets and performance measures to ensure success of procurement activities.

2.2. Should monitoring find that set targets, performance measures and probity requirements are not being met, action is taken to rectify performance in a timely manner.

2.3. Advice and support are provided to solve problems, make improvements and maintain progress.

2.4. Disputes are managed promptly according to contractual conditions to achieve resolution and maintain contract performance and progress.

2.5. Opportunities to continuously improve procurement outcomes are sought and negotiated with contractors.

2.6. Approvals are provided or gained for contract variations  that are negotiated and agreed between the parties.

2.7. Opportunities are provided for stakeholders and contractors to have input into and receive feedback on progress during the performance of the contract.

2.8. Internal and external stakeholders are engaged as necessary throughout the life of the contract to maintain progress.

3. Manage contract evaluation 

3.1. Evaluation of contract performance is undertaken relative to planned performance measures and in consultation with stakeholders and contractors.

3.2. Where stakeholders and contractors do not agree, dispute resolution is undertaken according to organisational policy and procedures.

3.3. Conclusions are detailed against agreed criteria to provide a complete picture of performance of contractors , organisation`s procurement processes  and value for money .

3.4. Performance of strategic initiatives is measured relative to planned outcomes in consultation with industry and other stakeholders.

3.5. Lessons learnt from evaluations of contracts and strategic initiatives are documented according to organisational requirements and used to continuously improve future procurement activities.

3.6. Contractors and stakeholders are advised of evaluation outcomes in a timely manner according to organisational guidelines.

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