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1.It is likely that Tom’s symptoms are being caused by problems with which body system?

01 / 10 / 2021 HealthCare

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1.It is likely that Tom’s symptoms are being caused by problems with which body system?

2. Explain the likely pathophysiology of Tom’s chest pain and the swelling to his feet and ankles.  

3.What diagnostic procedures could confirm his condition?  

Electrocardiogram (ECG);


Chest X-ray;

Full blood count, plasma, urea, reatine and electrolytes,

(Heart Foundation 2011)

4.What is the purpose of each of the above named diagnostic procedures?

“Electrocardiogram (ECG): is a medical test that detects cardiac (heart) abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity generated by the heart as it contracts.”


Chest X-ray:

(Better Heath 2015) 

5.What health professionals will this client need to access for his condition (name at least 3)? What services would each provide?  

Health professionals that Tom will need to access include Cardiologists, General Practicitioners (GP), Dieticians, Exercise Physiologists, Heart Failure Nurse, Occupational therapists, Pharmacists and Physiotherapists.




Mary is a 56 year old woman who has recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She is morbidly obese and has a body mass index (BMI) of 35. She is visiting a community health clinic for assessment and education for her newly diagnosed condition.

1.Explain 5 potential health issues Mary faces as a result of her obesity.              (4 marks/ 100 words)


2.Name two (2) external and (2) internal factors that could be affecting Mary’s health status.           (4 marks/50 words)


3.What health professionals and allied health staff may be involved in the care of this client? Explain the role of each.          (3 marks/ 75 words)


4.What type of health education should nurses give this client to assist her with controlling her condition?          (3 marks/ 75 words)


1.What internal factors are likely to be affecting the client’s physical condition? 

          (2 marks/ 50 words)

2.What external factors have contributed to this client’s condition?          (2 marks/ 50 words)


3.If the client’s level of consciousness declines 6 hours after admission, what may be their diagnosis? When responding, consider the onset, peak and duration of alcohol in the system and factor in your knowledge of brain injuries.        (6 marks/ 125 words)


4.What specific diagnostic tests would be required for this client?         (2 marks / 50 words)


5.Name two specific health care professionals who would be involved in the care of a client with an acute head injury and briefly explain the role of each.           (2 marks/50 words)


3.Case study (14 marks) 


A 79 year old Chinese Buddhist woman has been admitted for palliative care in a respite facility. She has requested that no opiates be given to her as she wishes to die without pharmacological intervention.


1.Referring to the competency standards for Enrolled Nurses, explain the ethical issues that would need to be considered when caring for this client.        (5 marks/ 100 words)


2.This client appears to be in increasing pain, and the Enrolled Nurses caring for her understand the importance of her request to have a medication free death, yet they are upset by her discomfort. What are the responsibilities of an Enrolled Nurse in this situation, and who could they seek advice from?        (5 marks/ 100 words)


3.What non pharmacological treatment could be provided as pain relief?          (4 marks/ 75 words)


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