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1.1 Initiate own exposure to contemporary practice in chosen art form

01 / 10 / 2021 Essays & Coursework 1

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Unit Sector

Industry capability – professional practice

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Maintain currency of specialised knowledge in professional practice

1.1 Initiate own exposure to contemporary practice in chosen art form

1.2 Proactively identify and explore the potential of new and emerging technologies, materials and methodologies relevant to own art form

1.3 Evaluate impacts of current and emerging trends on the creation of ideas, production of work, and management of professional creative practice

2. Evolve ideas in a specialised art form

2.1 Research historical and contemporary themes and concepts in chosen art form

2.2 Analyse the motivations, philosophies and cultural origins of different works in chosen art form

2.3 Identify new sources of ideas and research opportunities and consider any intellectual property requirements

2.4 Identify the potential for individualised and/or specialised research based on current practice

2.5 Evolve own ideas, and develop innovative approaches and a strategy to realise them

2.6 Hone and adapt concepts for work based on emerging ideas and research

3. Manage specialised resources

3.1 Evaluate the requirements for the set-up, handling and storage of specialised materials, tools and equipment

3.2 Create resource management systems that support professional practice

4. Refine specialised technique to professional level

4.1 Integrate command of technique, materials and process to create finished work of professional standard suitable for the public domain

4.2 Extend techniques and the expression of ideas in work

4.3 Challenge, adapt and refine the evolving creative work

5. Resolve technical and conceptual challenges

5.1 Troubleshoot technical challenges that arise when creating the work based on detailed understanding of specialised materials and processes

5.2 Develop innovative solutions that allow for experimental approaches

5.3 Apply solutions that enhance the conceptual integrity of the work

6. Finish and prepare work for public presentation

6.1 Finish work to a professional standard using specialised techniques for the chosen art form

6.2 Develop and apply effective approaches to safety and sustainability in the final preparation of work

7. Evaluate professional work

7.1 Seek and apply constructive feedback from others

7.2 Evaluate work against planned strategy for own creative practice

7.3 Evaluate own work in the context of work by others

7.4 Adjust work processes and practice to improve technical, conceptual and commercial outcomes

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