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1.1 Explain the importance of operational management.

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment

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Student Assignment Covering Form



Course/Unit Information


Pearson (Edexcel) BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma

Unit No.

Unit 34

Unit Name

Operations Management in Business

Unit code






Instructor Information









Assignment Information

Full/ Part Assignment


Turnitin Class ID


Turnitin Password


Date Assignment Issued

1st May 2016

Date Assignment Due

28th May 2016



Student Information

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Date of Submission




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Student Declaration




I, hereby confirm that this assignment is my own work and not copied or plagiarized. It has not previously been submitted as part of any assessment for this qualification. All the sources, from which information has been obtained for this assignment, have been referenced as per Harvard Referencing format. I further confirm that I have read and understood the Westford School of Management rules and regulations about plagiarism and copying and agree to be bound by them.



Students Signature                  : (signed)


Student Name                         :


Date                                        : 
























Achievement Feedback Summary


Name of the Assessor

 Leena Wanganoo


Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria (AC)

Assessor Feedback (AC Met/M1/M2/M3/D1/D2/D3)

LO 1


AC Met

Understand the nature and

Importance of Operational Management.

1.1 Explain the importance of operational management.

1.2 Explain the need to produce safely; on time; to cost; to quality and within the law.


1.3 Explain the link between operations management and strategic planning.

AC Met


1.4 Produce a systems diagram to illustrate a typical business.

M2, M1

LO 2


AC Met

Understand the link between

operations management and

Strategic planning.

2.1 Explain the ‘Three Es’ (economy, efficiency and effectiveness)

2.2 Explain the tension between cost minimisation and quality maximization.


2.3 Evaluate the significance of the five performance objectives that underpin operations management.


LO 3


AC Met

Understand how to organize a typical production process

3.1 Explain linear programming.

3.2 Evaluate critical path analysis and network planning.

AC Met

3.3 Explain the need for operational planning and control.

AC Met

LO 4



Be able to apply relevant techniques to the production

of an operational plan for a typical business

4.1 Produce a set of clearly defined operational outcomes.

4.2 Produce a network plan and indicate the resultant critical path.

AC Met

4.3 Explain how quality could be defined and maintained.

AC met





Higher Grade Achievements (where applicable)



Grade Descriptor



Achieved ?

(Tick )


Grade Descriptor


Achieved ?

(Tick )


M1: Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions



D1: Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions



M2: Select / design and apply appropriate methods / techniques


D2: Take responsibility for managing and organising activities



M3: Present and communicate appropriate findings


D3: Demonstrate convergent /lateral /  creative thinking



Over All Result/Grade


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