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1.1 Develop a professional work ethic to support creative practice

01 / 10 / 2021 Essays & Coursework 1

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Unit Sector

Industry capability – professional practice

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Develop and apply professional work practices

1.1 Develop a professional work ethic to support creative practice

1.2 Collaborate and communicate with other professionals about the business aspects of creative practice

1.3 Determine the skills and knowledge needed to operate as a successful creative practitioner

1.4 Evaluate own current skills and knowledge and the need for related professional development

1.5 Assess potential for using specialist expertise to complement own skills and knowledge

2. Evaluate different business practices

2.1 Investigate different ways that creative practitioners do business

2.2 Investigate range of business practices, systems and procedures that need to be considered as part of professional creative practice

2.3 Assess relevance and implications of particular business structures

2.4 Identify physical resources required by own creative practice and how they might be accessed

2.5 Develop an overall approach to the business aspects of own practice based on evaluation of relevant information

2.6 Evaluate all aspects of own practice on an ongoing basis, as a key component of business and personal growth

3. Address financial aspects of creative practice

3.1 Investigate financial considerations for creative practice

3.2 Research and assess different ways of commercialising work and ideas

3.3 Evaluate different ways of costing and selling creative work

3.4 Assess broader financial management requirements and their application to own practice

3.5 Develop and apply individual approaches to financial management of practice

4. Analyse the rights and obligations of creative practitioners

4.1 Evaluate legal and moral rights and obligations of professional creative practice

4.2 Practise work and business in ways that meet legal and moral obligations

4.3 Pursue own rights as a creative practitioner consistent with own professional and ethical standards

4.4 Establish and maintain sound approaches to safety and sustainability in professional practice

5. Evaluate professional opportunities

5.1 Evaluate work opportunities within and beyond the creative sectors

5.2 Identify and pursue potential work opportunities beyond established patterns of work

5.3 Identify and access sources of professional advice

5.4 Evaluate local and global opportunities for own practice

5.5 Identify and evaluate opportunities offered by current and emerging trends in the consumption of culture and creative products

5.6 Analyse the experiences of others as a way of discovering different opportunities

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