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1.1 Create or confirm opportunity for public presentation of own creative work through research and consultation

01 / 10 / 2021 Essays & Coursework 1

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Unit Sector

Industry capability – professional practice

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Analyse public presentation opportunity

1.1 Create or confirm opportunity for public presentation of own creative work through research and consultation

1.2 Establish and confirm the purpose, scope and objectives of the public presentation in consultation with relevant people

1.3 Determine presentation requirements from relevant information

2. Generate public presentation ideas

2.1 Evaluate nature of the audience, its needs and expectations

2.2 Evaluate place of own work within the broader presentation context

2.3 Develop broad parameters for own content, based on overall objectives, audience needs and nature of own work

2.4 Consider new and different ways of presenting work

2.5 Select and develop appropriate themes based on own work practice and presentation requirements

2.6 Challenge and refine ideas through collaboration and discussion with others

3. Plan and organise public presentation

3.1 Establish roles and responsibilities in presentation preparation process, including own role

3.2 Evaluate and organise resources required for realising the presentation

3.3 Identify and evaluate constraints and risks, and take action to address them

3.4 Develop, implement and monitor an action plan for organising the presentation based on resource requirements, budget and timeframes

3.5 Consult with relevant people during the process

4. Participate in promotion

4.1 Establish own role in promoting the presentation in consultation with relevant people

4.2 Develop material relating to own work and forthcoming presentation as required and agreed with others

4.3 Undertake promotional activities within scope of individual responsibility

5. Prepare work for public presentation

5.1 Evaluate actions needed to prepare own work for presentation

5.2 Prepare the body of creative work for inclusion in presentation

5.3 Where appropriate, develop collateral material to support the presentation

6. Evaluate public presentation

6.1 Review overall success of the presentation

6.2 Evaluate implications for own creative work based on audience response and own review

6.3 Identify learnings from the public presentation and subsequent self-review that can inform future practice

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