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1.1 Core Business Functions of the Organization

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment

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Assignment Brief


BTEC Level 4-5 HNC/HND Diploma (QCF)



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Unit Assessment Information






: HND Diploma in Computing and Systems Development



Unit Code & Title

: Unit 1–Business Skills for E commerce



Assessment Title & No’s   : E-commerce Consultancy Report for Ocean Market (pvt) Limited


Learning outcomes and grading opportunities:

LO 01: Understand the structure and aims of business organization




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Assignment Brief



Retail Industry is a highly growing industry in the Sri Lankan Business Environment where Ocean Market (pvt) Limited is holding a fair share of it and is operating as an in-store Super Market business of retail items specially focusing on textiles, cosmetics, accessories, computer accessories, baby items, stationery items and a variety of food products.

Due to the high growth of the E-business in the industry, the management of Ocean Market understands that their customers are giving up on them and move to other competitors due to the unavailability of e-commerce facility in the organization.

Therefore they decided to get their customers back in and develop their business which matches the present context of electronic business.

Assume that you have been hired by Ocean Market (pvt) Limited as an E-commerce Consultant to provide an e-commerce solution to achieve higher business results. Therefore, you are required to write a professional management consultancy report addressing the aspects mentioned below with relevant judgments wherever it is appropriate by critically evaluating the context.


























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Chapter 1 – Organization Profile


1.1 Core Business Functions of the Organization

Provide your understanding on the nature of Ocean Market (pvt) Ltd by assessing its core business functions (LO 1.1)


1.2   Evaluation of Business aims and Stakeholders


Evaluate the selected organization’s business aims by showing how those aims would relate to different stakeholders internal and external (LO 1.2) (M1.3)


Chapter 2 – Background of e-Commerce and its impact to the Society


2.1 The Impact of e-Commerce to an Organization and Society


Provide the background of e-commerce and functionality and analyze the impact of e commerce by evaluating its’ benefits and the risks while discussing how introducing an e-Commerce system to an organization would provide better business outcomes. (LO 2.1)


2.2   Global Impact of e-Commerce on society


Discuss the global impact of e-Commerce on society by taking different examples with appropriate references (LO 2.2)


Note: Your overall chapter must reflect the background of e commerce and its wider impact to thesociety through a range of sources of information with appropriate references. Please avoid using unreliable data sources such as wikis, answer web sites, blogs etc.(M2.3)


Chapter 3 – Market Potential and Different e-Commerce Solutions


3.1. Market Potential of e commerce


Investigate market potential of Ocean Market (pvt) Ltd for an e-Commerce opportunity (LO3.1)


3.2. Different e-Commerce Systems in the World


Critically evaluate few e-Commerce systems currently in use by organizations realistically for similar purposes (LO 3.2) (e.g. you can provide screen shots of such systems in your appendices)


Note: While critically evaluating e-commerce systems currently in use for similar business purposes inthe world, you must justify the market potential for an e commerce solution for the selected organization through an effective SWOT and PESTEL analysis while synthesizing your own ideas in to an effective conclusion on why this organization must select e-commerce solutions. (D1.1)



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