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1) Which of the following is true regarding state and federal court jurisdiction?

01 / 10 / 2021 Assignment

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LAW 575 Final Exam


1) Which of the following is true regarding state and federal court jurisdiction?


2) Which of the following is true regarding a sole proprietorship?


3) Which of the following is a type of ADR?


4) Which of the following is an extension of negotiation?


5) Without obtaining advance permission, Annie places an unflattering photograph of the president of the college that she attends on folders that she is selling outside of class for extra money. Which of the following is true?


6) ________ torts occur when the defendant takes an action that is inherently dangerous and cannot ever be undertaken safely, no matter what precautions the defendant takes.


7) The violation of a duty of care is called


8) Which of the following are common classifications of torts?


9) Which of the following are commonly used theories of recovery in product liability cases?


10) The person who makes an offer is called an


11) Which of the following is what a person will receive in return for performing a contractual obligation?


12) Which of the following is true regarding the adequacy of consideration?


13) Which of the following represents an accord and satisfaction?


14) Jenny works at a Mexican fast-food restaurant, which is owned by an international company located in Mexico. Jenny is very angry with her supervisor, Sleaze, as he has been making inappropriate sexual comments to her and other employees. Law 575 final exam. Jenny decides to sue and retains a lawyer, Brice. Brice talks with the owners of the restaurant and is informed that Jenny signed an agreement to arbitrate any claims. Jenny also informed Brice about other employees who had complained about sexual harassment and entered into mediation agreements. Brice promises her that he will get copies of all documents and everything that was taken down by the court reporter at those mediations.


15) Which of the following is generally defined as a relationship between a principal and an agent?


16) Which of the following is true if there is no agreement between a principal and an agent regarding the amount for which the principal will compensate the agent?


17) Which title of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 deals with discrimination in employment?


18) Which of the following is true regarding discrimination based on sexual orientation?


19) Which of the following is a federal law regulating the payment of wages and overtime?


20) Striking union members of ABC Company decide that picketing ABC Company is not accomplishing the desired results and decide to further their efforts. Sally, the union president, suggests that they picket XYZ Company, a supplier to ABC, to pressure XYZ into not doing business with ABC. Which of the following is true regarding Sally`s plan?


21) A ________ is a distinctive mark, word, design, picture, or arrangement that is used by a producer in conjunction with a product and tends to cause consumers to identify the product with the producer.


22) In which of the following types of ownership does each co-owner have the right to sell his or her interest without the consent of the other owners, the right to own an unequal share of the property, and the right to own property subject to the right of a creditor to attach his or her interest?


23) If a trademark is registered, what may the owner obtain in the event of infringement from a person who used the trademark to pass off goods as being those of the mark owner?


24) Which of the following types of insurance should a business manager purchase to obtain protection against a broad range of risks?


25) Which of the following oversees the purchase and sale of securities?


26) A workers` compensation insurance policy is an example of which of the following types of insurance?


27) How are directors typically chosen after the incorporation process?


28) Wendy is the president of a business that manufactures kites. The kites of her company, ABC Kites, are sold to large toy stores. Law/575 final exam answer. After Wendy learned a great deal about kites, she started to make kites at home. She started selling kites to friends, and she also started to make inquiries regarding selling her kites to larger toy stores in the area and to make a few sales to them. Her plan was to start small and then leave ABC after she had increased sales. She did not work on her side project while she was on the clock with ABC. Some of the directors learned about her kite sales and accused her of wrongdoing. Wendy denied any wrongdoing and pointed out that she did not work on her project while she was on the job with ABC. What duty, if any, did Wendy violate?


29) Which of the following best describes the term comparative law?


30) What has the U.S. Supreme Court held regarding whether U.S. courts must rely on customary international law?

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