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1 Obtain information relevant to business issues Review staff and customer feedback and business performance data

01 / 10 / 2021 Essays & Coursework 1

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Unit Sector

Knowledge Management – Information Management

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1 Obtain information relevant to business issues

1.1 Review staff and customer feedback and business performance data

1.2 Identify, define and analyse business problems and issues

1.3 Identify information required to reach a decision on problems/issues

1.4 Source and gather reliable information

1.5 Test information for reliability and validity and reject where contradictory or ambiguous

1.6 Utilise formal and informal networks to access corporate knowledge/memory not held in formal systems and review appropriately

2 Analyse information and knowledge

2.1 Ensure objectives for analyses are clear, relevant and consistent with the decisions required

2.2 Identify patterns and emerging trends correctly and interpret as to cause and effect

2.3 Utilise statistical analyses and interpretation where appropriate

2.4 Undertake sensitivity analysis on any proposed options

2.5 Ensure documentation reflects a logical approach to the evaluation of the evidence and conclusions drawn

2.6 Adjust management information systems/decision support systems to meet information processing objectives

3 Take decisions on business issues identified

3.1 Ensure sufficient valid and reliable information/evidence is available to support a decision

3.2 Utilise risk management plans to determine acceptable courses of action

3.3 Utilise appropriate quantitative methods to assist decision making

3.4 Consult specialists and other relevant groups and individuals

3.5 Ensure decisions taken are within the delegation/accountability of the group/individual responsible

3.6 Make decisions in accordance with organisational guidelines and procedures

3.7 Ensure decisions taken are consistent with organisational objectives, values and standards

3.8 Ensure decisions are taken in a timely manner

4 Disseminate information to the organisation

4.1 Ensure advice/information needs are documented and are specific to location, format and time line requirements

4.2 Document information and update databases regularly

4.3 Design and test systems to meet information requirements of decision makers

4.4 Ensure information is up-to-date, accurate, relevant and sufficient for the recipient

4.5 Develop communication plans and disseminate information

4.6 Adhere to confidentiality/privacy policies in the transmission/release of information/advice

4.7 Review and update communication plans regularly

4.8 Utilise technology which provides optimum efficiency and quality

4.9 Maintain corporate knowledge and ensure security

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