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1 Manage on-site safety 1.1 Access, interpret and apply site documentation and ensure the work activity is compliant

01 / 10 / 2021 Essays & Coursework 1

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Elements and Performance Criteria

1 Manage on-site safety

1.1 Access, interpret and apply site documentation and ensure the work activity is compliant

1.2 Relay safety rules and regulations, legislation and specific site instructions to personnel

1.3 Conduct equipment safety audits as required

1.4 Identify and document in writing hazards

1.5 Determine a range of preventative measures for potential hazards

1.6 Communicate procedures for the use and wear of personal protective equipment and installed safety equipment to personnel

1.7 Provide clear and concise instructions to others in emergency drills and their application

1.8 Establish methods for contacting all necessary medical services

1.9 Provide safety and/or equipment safety induction to new personnel and visitors

1.10 Complete work health and safety records

2 Communicate regularly with client, personnel, and other relevant parties

2.1 Brief personnel and other relevant parties regularly on up to date scope of activities

2.2 Maintain a good working relationship with landholder/client

2.3 Honour confidentiality clauses in contract

2.4 Communicate verbally and in writing progress, problems encountered/anticipated and results regularly to landholder/client/supervisor

2.5 Maintain regular communication by radio/telephone or other means to report progress and/or request information or assistance

3 Diagnose and solve routine and non-routine problems

3.1 Confirm, by investigation, the existence and immediate effects/potential effects of the problem

3.2 Identify a clear and accurate definition of the problem

3.3 Identify, through analysis of information, the preferred options and formulate action plans

3.4 Obtain additional equipment, contractors and/or advice as needed

3.5 Outline contingency plans

3.6 Organise alternative duties for personnel if problems cause hold-ups in production

3.7 Implement the preferred option

4 Control work program to ensure objectives are met

4.1 Monitor work progress regularly and take corrective action

4.2 Ensure availability of materials for schedules and tasks

4.3 Allocate specific tasks to make effective use of personnel

4.4 Prepare alternative plans if required

4.5 Implement alternative plans to meet work program objectives

5 Coordinate work of personnel

5.1 Make all personnel aware of their roles and responsibilities in the work plan

5.2 Set operational targets in consultation with personnel, and check at regular intervals

5.3 Provide assistance when requested, to meet operational targets

5.4 Acquire resources required to support changing work requirements

5.5 Allocate workloads and required resources in accordance with modified work plans

5.6 Communicate agreed time lines for tasks to personnel

6 Maintain operating records

6.1 Determine range of records, reports and their required frequency

6.2 Keep daily written running records to facilitate reporting

6.3 Complete written logs/records and/or shift reports

6.4 Note variations to contract requirements on log and discuss with originator and management

6.5 Complete required written reports and submit/distribute

6.6 Take and record in writing accurate measurements

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