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1. Contribute to and promote effective work practices Develop and implement plans to meet the day to day activities of the work group

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Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements define the essential outcomes

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element

1. Contribute to and promote effective work practices

1.1 Develop and implement plans to meet the day to day activities of the work group

1.2 Develop and implement strategies in consultation with appropriate people to maximise work performance and outcomes

1.3 Identify planning problems, barriers and constraints and develop and implement strategies to address them

2. Develop and implement staffing processes

2.1 Maintain confidentiality in relation to staff processes in accordance with organisation policies and procedures

2.2 Identify staffing and resourcing needs and develop plans to address them

2.3 Participate in recruitment processes

2.4 Implement effective induction and ongoing support for new and existing staff

2.5 Provide instruction and additional support as required to promote quality worker and client outcomes

2.6 Encourage and facilitate staff access to training and development to enable the achievement of workplace outcomes and personal goals

2.7 Collaborate with other service providers as needed to meet service and referral needs

3. Maintain professional approach to leading work team

3.1 Reflect on own practice and pro-actively update knowledge and skills

3.2 Align own leadership practice with the values, ethical guidelines, policies and procedures of the organisation

3.3 Take reasonable steps to ensure that personal or social contact does not adversely affect ability to lead the team

4. Promote effective workplace relations

4.1 Implement collaborative processes and practices that promote cooperative work practices and maintain positive relationships with staff and management

4.2 Model and promote effective communication in the workplace, including open discussion and active listening

4.3 Identify potential and actual conflict situations and develop and implement appropriate strategies to prevent or address them

4.4 Throughout conflict resolution processes, ensure access to appropriate support, mediation and debriefing for parties within organisation guidelines

4.5 Resolve problems or issues which may disrupt work unit activities

5. Evaluate plans

5.1 Meet regularly with those involved to discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of plans and practices in meeting the goals and needs of the organisation

5.2 Identify areas for improvement

5.3 Revise plans and practices to ensure continued improvement

5.4 Document and report work outcomes in accordance with organisational procedures

6. Review individual performance

6.1 Implement and document performance management processes in accordance with role and organisation procedures

6.2 Work collaboratively with the individual to agree on performance improvement and development plans and document in accordance with organisation policies

6.3 Monitor and evaluate performance and provide feedback on a ongoing and regular basis

6.4 Identify poor performance and take necessary actions in accordance with role and organisation procedures

6.5 Monitor and coach individuals to improve performance

6.6 Identify and provide additional support or referral when required, in accordance with role and organisation procedures

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