You are required to work on this Assignment as a group of, ideally, 2-4 students.

You are required to work on this Assignment as a group of, ideally, 2-4 students. Each group member is required to work with their group as the project mark is given to the group. This means that every group member receives the same mark. Group members are encouraged to work together during the lab exercises as this would improve group communication and quality of work. Each group member should make a significant contribution to the project. The specifications are provided below.  
Timelines and Expectations  Percentage Value of Task: 20%  Due: Thu, Jun 2, 2016 - 16:00 (Week 11) Minimum time expectation: 20 hours  
Learning Outcomes Assessed    
S1. Design, construct and test non-trivial enterprise systems applications;  
S2. Develop applications using integrated development environments and application programming interfaces that support the development of server-side software solutions;  
S3. Develop applications involving complex component technology;  
S4. Apply complex problem solving skills to design and implement a server-side software solution;  
A1. Design and implement technical solutions addressing connectivity between components;  
A2. Construct scalable systems, capable of being deployed on the interne,t using middleware and database systems  
 Assessment Details   You are required to develop a database driven web application which will be used as a basis for a Postgraduate Student Progress Database (PSPDB) application. The application will allow administrators to maintain progress throughout the postgraduate study. The application will also allow the student to view their progress online.  
Your site should be written in Java (using the NetBeans IDE) and store all persistent data in a MySQL Server database      
Page 3 of 9 CRICOS Provider No. 00103D   ITECH6401 2016-07  
There are three main areas of development required for completion of this project:  
Information Requirements – MySQL:  
Your MySQL Server database should store all persistent data for your site, including:  
Student Personal Information (see “student” database table) Student Postgraduate Course Information (see “student_degree” and “student_comments” database table) University Staff Information (see “staff” database table) Postgraduate Supervision Information (see “student_supervisor” database table) Lookup Data Information (see “lu_access level”, “lu_degree type” and “lu_thesis status” database lookup tables 

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