You already wrote this work in Part 1 of the project.

Part 2: Preparation for Change Instructions For this part of the project you should write about the same behavior as Behavior Change Part 1 (Module 3). This assignment is about preparing for change: creating SMART goals, gathering information or supplies to help you make a change, making a schedule, and getting support from others. You are busy making plans of how to change your behavior. Follow the instructions below to complete the assignment, and use Chapter 1, pages 12 and 13, in your textbook to help you with the assignment. In a typed word document, write a response to each question below. Number your answers to correspond with the questions. All responses should be in sentence format and follow conventions of standard written English free of spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization errors. Questions 2. Have you attempted this behavior change before? a. If yes, when and how many attempts have you made in the past? What do you perceive contributed to your success or lack of success with behavior change in the past? b. If no, identify a different behavior change you have attempted in the past. What do you perceive contributed to your success or lack of success with behavior change in the past? 3. Write 2 SMART goals that will help you be successful in changing your health behavior. 4. Identify at least 2 obstacles or barriers you have that make it hard for you to change this behavior and tell me how you have overcome the obstacles or will overcome the obstacles. 5. Describe in detail the other preparations you are making or have already made to get you to the action stage of change. Other preparations could be: changing your schedule to help you be successful, getting support from others, and learning more about how to achieve your desired behavior. Note: I attach the first part of Behavior Project. This order is for part 2 Textbook: Author: Donatelle Edition: 2nd ISBN: 9780133865011 Copyright Year: 2016 Publisher: Pearson

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