Within rugby I have found that my tackling and passing are my strengths.

Within rugby I have found that my tackling and passing are my strengths. When in game situation I am able to pass the ball accurately under pressure and tackle well allowing my team to keep possession of the ball and get an attack. To keep these a strength I need to make sure that during training I am tackling and passing with the correct techniques

As a winger it is imperative that I am able to tackle correctly without giving away a penalty in vulnerable places. Height of tackles is important and knowing where and when to do it can also be a strength of mine which is demonstrated regularly in game situations.

I have found however that when rucking, I often do the wrong thing, this is because when rucking I am coming in from the side or doing it the wrong way, in order to improve I need to remember not to come in from the side, by putting cones on the side letting me know I cannot go there during training, by doing this, it will allow me to play better in game situations and help me remember not to come in from the sides.

Another area for improvement was my aerobic endurance. Currently I am struggling to last the 80 minutes of a rugby game and due to this I am unable to play to the best of my ability without getting tired. Fitness training sessions will improve this and build up my aerobic endurance through pushing my body to the limit. During these sessions I can take part in continuous running test such as the 12 minute cooper run or the bleed test to see improvement as well as to simulate the changing in direction and pace during the game.