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will need to outline how the framework ?

26 / 01 / 2019 Certificate III In Patisserie

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In this report you will examine starting in Week 3 the rationale, the governance, and ultimately the implementation of an IT outsourcing strategy for your organization, real (if you wish) or for ZYX Company.
While this report will be focused on outsourcing, many of the same factors that make an outsourcing relationship successful apply equally in the case of an internal IT operation. There is a relationship between service recipients and service providers, what differs in outsourcing is that companies have their own profit and loss (P&L) statements and have no common hierarchy. Outsourcing as an initiative, therefore, only makes it more difficult to create a successful relationship between two separate and distinct entities.From the customers or clients perspective, outsourcing enables the business to focus on their own strategic functions and has been proven to lower annual operating expenditures among other benefits which you will explore in the report.Generally, organizations outsource portions of Information Technology through one or more of the following: (choose two for the report) IT architecture such as data management, enterprise architecture, storage and warehousing.
IT infrastructure as in elements of the network or computer operations center, network management and operations, help desk and user support, bulk data entry, hardware maintenance, etc.
Systems and software development relating to coding, testing and quality assurance, integration, information security and testing.
Web development and hosting while similar to systems and software development should be noted separately as there are elements such as e-commerce, middleware, and infrastructure considerations which differ and relate to all of the above.
Training, education, and certification are each frequently facilitated by external partners outside of the organization, or in the case of training internal IT staff often augment their resources with external consultants.The industries engaged in IT outsourcing differ as well for varying reasons. In the report you will identify an industry your IT group will reside in the process identify the portion of IT that will be most beneficial to the organization. Banking and finance
Retail (as in enterprise e-commerce)
UniversityProject Outline:
I. Introduction: In this section, you will briefly introduce the organization including the name of the company and industry it serves. You will develop a scenario explaining why this organization has opted to outsource select “IT needs”, and this will be your area of emphasis throughout the report. The organization may be real and known to you, or fictional but if so you will need to identify the associated industry.
Choose two IT elements from the list and explain in each the characteristics (for example, if you choose IT architecture explain what aspect of this element will you examine and establish governance rules in support of)
Identify the target audience of this work by highlighting the areas of the organization that will benefit the most.
II. Analysis: In this section, you will state what the quantitative and qualitative interpreted facts that are associated with your report, and establish the criteria that will help form the basis later to recommendations as to how organizations should respond to similar situations or initiatives responding to the question of Why do organizations outsource their information technology needs?State and explain four reasons in reply to this question and how by undertaking this project to investigate you expect the project to accomplish a measurement of success, and this analysis will ultimately support the overall lessons learned in the course.
Provide a project description that explains the purpose of this report in your words and state clearly the process you are taking to build the analysis. What are the desired results at the end of the project?

State the key attributes that will be called to question in order to effectively analyze the the decision to outsource. In other words, why specifically is information technology in need of an outsourcing option? Is this a problem or issue facing information technology as a service provider or is it organizational? Which of the following will you choose for outsourcing and why?
o Onshore outsourcing (as in home country)
o Rural outsourcing (as in home country markets outside the corporate headquarters region)
o Near or shore outsourcing (as in the adjacent countries sharing land borders)
o Offshore outsourcing (as in countries without shared borders)III. Impact on the Workplace/Environment: In this section, you will research and then describe how this decision to outsource some or a portion of Information Technology is expected to impact the workplace/environment of your organization. In this section you will also present a comparative analysis from how like others have faced similar challenges and if they succeeded or failed, and why. Name the attributes behind your comparative organizations or situations, and clearly what you are investigating in their inclusion in the report in order to determine if their solution or closure may be applicable. Be sure to refer to evidence where appropriate.
Example One: Select one example of similar organization and context and briefly describe the “facts” what took place and the resolution.
Example Two
Comparative Analysis: Referring to what you learned in your research on the cases or instances above, explain one specific way in which your chosen organization could benefit from these lessons, and evaluate the value if you were to adopt the same approach as in either example.
IV. Governance Framework: In this section, you will discuss the designated governance framework for the organization producing its own standards of practice. You identify to start a series of attributes that will represent your organizations choice in framework (ITIL, COBIT, etc.) and describe the application as it will be presented to leadership. You will need to outline how the framework will be apply and how this will be interpreted for your organizations approach to dealing with information technology, referring back to the technology criteria that you identified in sections I/II.
ITIL or COBIT: Choose one and explain how this frameworks attribute will reflect the cultural and regulatory demands from the business. Why does one framework fit the demand better than the other, and in what ways are each different from one another? Be sure to address any factors similar to others in this industry and how your approach meets requirements, and where there will be gaps.
Standards of Practice: Using your chosen framework, explore the applications of use by other organizations with IT outsourcing projects. How has one framework achieved better results over another? Share your findings through this section as part of a two-column table highlighting the pros and cons of ITIL and COBIT.
V. Findings and Recommendations: In this section, you will recommend what you believe will be the long-term goals and vision for information technology in their operations, interactions, and relationships at your organization.
A. Recommend a short and long-term set of four goals for IT at the organization. Is IT outsourcing a long-term or short-term strategy? Will the organization benefit from increasing internal expertise to reduce the need to outsourcing in IT? What procedures should be taken to ensure success and security from IT outsourcing, now or later?
B. Explain the advantages and disadvantages from your recommended approach for IT outsourcing based on the type chosen, and the duration of use. How will this use and approach impact other areas of IT policies such as with information security or data privacy? C. How will your IT strategy and views toward governance your business change in the future?
VI. Related Considerations: In this section, you will briefly explain what the organization must consider in regard to their third-party business relationships and partnerships.
Briefly explain the desired expectations of privacy and security you will seek out from third-party vendors selected for the IT outsourcing.
Briefly describe the internal safeguards that should be put in place in your organization to guard against loss or misuse of company data or resources the third-party vendors or consultants. What penalties will be applied from misuse? Provide examples of remediation.
Identify and briefly explain any areas of regulatory compliance the organization must be aware of and address before engaging in the project.
VII. Lessons Learned: In this final section, offer a closing series of statements that reflect the overall work collected into this report. How has the process supported an understanding of topical ethical practices, problem solving, and reporting to the organization.

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