why important that you answer the following questions during your presentation

PNR 400 Newspaper Article Assignment (10%) of Final Grade. Student Name: ______________________
Students will sign up to present a one current health related care issue they found in a newspaper that relates to course material. Maximum 10 minute time will be given during class time to present, which will include time for questions. Students will submit a copy of the newspaper article along with a typed written 1-2 page synopsis/summary they prepared for their in-class presentation.
Newspaper articles must be current (not older than 14 days).
At the end of your presentation, you will submit your article and synopsis/1-2 page summary.
Please ensure your name is clearly noted on your paper and the date of the article.
Your synopsis/summary should be typed, easy to read, with no grammar and spelling mistakes.Marks will be deducted if the above is not followed:
It is important that you answer the following questions during your presentation:1. Explain what the article is about? Give a brief summary your own words. (2 marks)

3. How does this information impact:
Healthcare (1)/nursing(1)/policies(1)/patient care(1)? (4 marks)
4. Are there any healthcare or nursing strategies that need to be implemented or changed?
(3 marks)
5. Why did you choose this article? What is your true opinion on this article? (2 marks)
6. Hard copy of the newspaper article/current event and rubric with summary submitted prior to presentatiTIP: Explain the newspaper article/current event in your own words. Do not read the article during the presentation; come prepared.

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