Why have they changed? Or why have they not changed?

What were your original thoughts concerning the study of religion?
How are they different now?
Why have they changed? Or why have they not changed?
Why does religion continue to persist in our world? Provide an in depth well reasoned response. Remember that some of the worlds foremost geniuses have been religious and those living continue to practice religion.
Can a world be imagined where religion doesnt exist? Why or why not?
If you were “in control” and could create a set of beliefs and practices for the entire world to follow;describe now, after your studies, what those practices and beliefs would be and why. Try to explain what society would look like, how it would operate & function. What would the “rule of law” be based on? How would the institutions of marriage, family, education, health care, commerce and rituals change, if at all?
Remember to provide in-text citations to cite the sources you use to support your reasoning, remember to include a bibliography, remember too to follow all the grading rubric guidelines.

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