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why have generalized answers or statements for each question?

26 / 01 / 2019 Certificate III In Patisserie

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The student is required to read Apostles of Disunion by Charles B. Dew and write a responsive paper, with title page, addressing the following points and questions. In each case, be sure to provide many direct quotes, with names of the commissioners, from the book to buttress you arguments. Whenever you state a fact not in general knowledge, you must cite the source of your information. The book focuses on Southerners who went across the South advocating secession. All references to quotes or actions need to have the name of a specific commissioner associated with the quote or action. No outside material is to be used for this paper. Do not use the authors name in any quote.
Any plagiarism will result in an F on the paper and will result in the students name being given to the appropriate school authority.
The below average paper will only have generalized answers or statements for each question. The average paper will have generalized statement with one or two quotes that fail to mention the commissioners by name. The above average paper will have few generalized statements and one or two quotes citing specific answers for each question. The superior paper will have few to no generalized answers and four or more quotes (where appropriate) for each question,
Only use quotes from commissioners. Quotes from non-commissioners will reduce your grade.
The paper is worth 100 points.

2. How did the commissioners attempt to fulfill their mission? Cite specific examples of their activities, naming the specific individuals and what they said during these activities.
3. What political or economic rationale did the commissioners give for the secession vote by their respective states? Cite several examples. Make sure you only use quotes based on political or economic reasons.
4. Who was William L. Yancey, and what was his role in the secession crisis?
5. What were the cultural references given by the commissioners to justify their actions? What caused the Southerners to choose this path? Cite several examples. Make sure you only use quotes that refer to cultural issues.
6. With the words of the commissioners in mind, what, in your opinion, was the underlying or
root cause of the Civil War? And, yet, what does the modern magazine Mississippi call the
Civil War, and what conclusion can you draw for the magazines position?
The following are the guidelines for the paper (the paper will downgraded for failure to follow
these guidelines):
The format of the paper shall be question and answer. It is not a typical essay. The paper
will be organized thusly:
1. The first question
The answer to the first question
2. The second question
The answer to second question
a. The text shall be in 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced.
b. Make sure you set your margins to Normal setting: one inch each for top, bottom, right, and
left margins.
c. The first line of each answer paragraph shall be indented.
d. Each page of text will have a header with the students name, the book title, and the page
e. The title page shall include: the title of the book; students name; date report is submitted;
class time; and instructors name.
f. Proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization are required. Students grade will be
lowered for failure to accomplish this.
g. All quotations from the book will be followed by an internal citation of the page number
i.e. (213). As an example: Hale said, and that is why we must secede. (213) All of the
punctuation is to be placed BEFORE the citation. Yes, this is not MLA format this is not
a MLA paper.
h. Do not place the paper in any kind of binder or presentations sleeve, just staple the pages
i. The title of all books must be either italicized (Apostles of Disunion) or underlined
(Apostles of Disunion).
Failure to adhere to the above formatting will result in a reduction of the grade assigned to the

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