why Community College student currently majoring in Psychology.

Melissa is a 19-year-old Lansing Community College student currently majoring in Psychology. However, she expresses some confusion about what she wants to do with her life and future career options. Her close friends describe her as lively and fun to be around, but with a tendency to be impulsive and irresponsible. She has a large circle of friends and socializes with them frequently. She frequently procrastinates in her school work and then makes excuses for her failure to complete her work in a timely and competent manner. She is a heavy smoker and her room mate describes her as quite the slob. She appears to have a fairly poor opinion of herself as she often makes demeaning or disparaging remarks about her attractiveness and abilities.
Melissa comes from a large family where she is the youngest of seven children. Her oldest brother and sister have already graduated from college, have good jobs and are raising their young children. Her father is described as a tyrant, ruling the household with an iron fist, though he is not physically abusive towards family members. He works as a business manager of an area social service agency and is hard-working, driven, critical and perfectionistic. Her mother has recently returned to college herself where she is working towards her RN degree after spending most of her adult life caring for the children and managing the household. Her mother is described as a warm and loving person who is rather passive and submissive in her relationships with others, especially her husband.
============================================Written Assignment
General information:
Use APA style for the paper. Remember, spelling, grammer, punctuation, and writing style do count towards your grade! Use complete sentences and well-written paragraphs.
This paper will have an introduction, four sections and a conclusion.
Include a title and reference page.
You will need at least 2 references (one can be your textbook) for each
theorist section. Include all references used in the paper in the reference page.
1. Begin your paper with a brief introduction to the paper. (2-3 sentences)
2. Make a separate heading for each theorist and sub-headings as
needed for major points of the theory.
a. Write an introductory paragraph for each theorist, describing the main ideas that the person used. Then discuss that theorist s perspective as applied to Melissa. Provide an explanation of Melissa s specific personality, behaviors, and attitudes as detailed in the case study.
What effects did her family history have on her developing personality? What developmental issues are important? Be sure to use all the terms and ideas associated with the theorist.
c. Cover the theorists in the order below:
Sigmund Freud
Alfred Adler
Karen Horney
Erik Erikson (discuss all stages up to Melissa s current age stage)3. Conclude your paper with a general discussion of your own opinions

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