why bronze by Donatello (p.197), marble by Michelangelo (p.207), marble by Bernini (p.268)?

The paper will require critical thinking and evaluation. Follow the 8th edition of MLA style. Choose from the following:

2. Discuss the similarities and differences in William Hogarth’s engraving The Marriage Transaction (p.311) and Jean-Baptiste Greuze’s painting Village Betrothal (317).
3. Compare and contrast at least two of the following paintings of Venus : Botticelli, Birth of Venus (p.196); Titian, Venus of Urbino(p.211); Boucher, The Bath of Venus (p.314).
4. Compare and contrast Delacroix’s painting Liberty Leading the People (p.349) and Bartholdi’s Statue of Liberty (p.349). You may wish to look at Emma Lazarus’ sonnet “the New Colossus .”Book: Introduction to Humanities by Vicenzo Piazza.

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