which reference materials are available in the Course Syllabus

Prepare an application paper on the coding references found inside of the 3M program. Your paper should be organized as follows:APA Formatted Cover Page (worth 10 points)
Introduction and purpose of each reference (worth 40 points)
Discussion of how the AHA Coding Clinic and AMA CPT Assistant help coders to prevent coding fraud and abuse. (worth 20 points)
Find a Coding Clinic or CPT Assistant article that you feel would benefit a coder. Discuss the article and explain why it would be helpful to coders. (worth 20 points)
APA Formatted Reference Page (worth 10 points)
Remember to format your paper and cite your references in APA format. APA reference materials are available in the Course Syllabus.Info on Coding Clinic:
http://www.ahacentraloffice.org/aboutus/what-is-icd-10.shtml Here are two references I chose that are about alcohol abuse:

Please provide clarification regarding the fifth digit subclassification for categories 303-305 to indicate the patient’s pattern of drug and alcohol abuse. In Coding Clinic, Second Quarter 1991, page 11, advice was provided to allow facilities to use documentation from “technical and professional personnel other than the attending physician” for the purpose of assigning fifth digits. In addition, examples were given regarding the corresponding fifth digits. We understand that coding should be based on the documentation of a provider as defined in the Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting-the physician or any qualified health care practitioner who is legally accountable for establishing the patient’s diagnosis. Since technical and professional personnel such as rehabilitation counselors and other professionals are not legally responsible for establishing the patient’s diagnosis, we wonder if their documentation could be used to provide further specificity for the selection of the fifth digits for these codes?

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