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Which of the following is the objective of causal research?

05 / 03 / 2018 Assignment

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Question 1. Question

A marketer wanting to determine business buyer behavior is
most likely to ask which of the following questions?

Are buyers sensitive toward price changes in
consumer markets?

What are the major influences on buyers?

Are niche markets more profitable than mass

How do interpersonal factors affect
organizational performance?

Is the role of gatekeepers relevant in the
international business environment?

Question 2. Question

Mary Adams is helping her company develop a marketing
program for a new product line. The program is designed to appeal most to less
materialistic consumer groups who are likely to prize experience, not
acquisition. The marketing program is most likely designed to appeal to which
of the following demographic groups?

Generation X


Echo Boomers

Silent Generation

Lost Generation (Page Ref: 72

Question 3. Question

The marketing team of 7 Star Inc., a company manufacturing
smartphones, is currently studying the size, density, location, age, and
occupation of its target market. Which of the following environments is being
studied in this scenario?

Demographic environment

Political environment

Economic environment

Technological environment

Cultural environment (Page Ref: 70)

Question 4. Question

Dan has been directed to study the actors close to a company
that affect its ability to serve its customers, such as the company, suppliers,
marketing intermediaries, customer markets, competitors, and publics. In this
instance, Dan has been directed to study the __________ of the company.



technological environment

demographic environment

political environment (Page Ref: 66)

Question 5. Question

Which of the following is the objective of causal research?

To test hypotheses about cause-and-effect

To gather preliminary information that will
help suggest hypotheses

To describe things, such as the market
potential for a product

To assign a cause to a seemingly random event

To predict the effect of a random event on
unrelated entities (Page Ref: 103)

Question 6. Question

Which of the following statements is true regarding
competitive marketing intelligence?

The advantage of using competitive marketing
intelligence is negligible.

The goal of competitive marketing intelligence
is to improve recruiting efforts.

Competitive marketing intelligence relies upon
costly internal databases.

Competitive marketing intelligence relies upon
publicly available information.

Companies using competitive marketing
intelligence routinely ignore consumers’ online chatter. (Page Ref: 101)

Question 7. Question

Which of the following is a common reason for new product

Incorrect estimation of the market size

Low product development costs

Ineffective social marketing campaigns

Low selling prices of products

Patent ownership exclusively held by the
company (Page Ref: 260)

Question 8. Question

Proposals related to __________ include promoting the use of
sustainable ingredients, recycling and reducing solid wastes, and managing
energy consumption.

the right to be informed

consumer protection

preserving the world for future consumption

quality of life

the right to charge any price for the product
(Page Ref: 593)

Question 9. Question

Malcolm Sanders, a graduate student from Boston, makes
customized snowboards for local snowboarding enthusiasts. The demand for
snowboards peaks during the winter months, a busy time for Malcolm. He
advertises more aggressively and sells most of his snowboards around this time.
Which market segmentation approach does Malcolm most likely use?

Gender segmentation

Psychographic segmentation

Occasion segmentation

Geographic segmentation

Age and life-cycle segmentation (Page Ref: 196

Question 10. Question

Consumer products refer to __________.

products purchased by consumers for further
processing or for use in conducting a business

products and services bought by final
consumers for personal consumption

primarily intangible offerings from marketers

raw materials as well as manufactured
materials and parts

products that aid in the consumer’s production
or operations, including installations and accessory equipment (Page Ref: 226)

Question 11. Question

FlashFlix, a streaming movie service, created a blog to help
parents on budget plan “movie at home” parties for their kids and their
friends, offering prizes to the best blog story about how the family was coping
with a tight budget. To which environmental force is FlashFlix reacting?






Question 12. Question

Taking advantage of the trend in multi-generational housing,
Madison Builders is aggressively marketing its “home within a home” concept,
which features a grandparents’ mini-home incorporated into a large
single-family house. Which environmental force is Madison Builders counting on
for its future home sales?






Question 13. Question

The Farmer’s Pantry, an all-natural upscale grocery store,
tends to cater to a well-educated, upper-middle-class clientele. The stores use
streaming video from the farms and fishing boats that supply their products directly
to their customers’ phones via hash tags. What environmental force is Farmer’s
Pantry leveraging?







Question 14. Question

Casey has finally finished his Saturday chores and is
preparing for a little “me time” away from the house and family. He and his
wife have agreed on a budget of $50 for his weekly Saturday outings with his
buddies. They are debating whether to play golf, watch the game at the local
sports bar, or visit the car show as they only have funds for one of these.
What environmental force are Casey and his friends experiencing?






Question 15. Question

Responding to very strict “green” legislation, the chemical
firm Atticus Environmental is touting the safety of its consumer-based vegetable
garden insecticide, claiming it bio-degrades in 90 days, which is twice as fast
as required by the new law. Which environmental factor is the firm hoping to
leverage for additional sales?






Question 16. Question

The quantitative (numerical) segmentation factors that help
a marketing manager decide where, and to whom, to sell the firm’s products such
as age, race, gender, and income are known as:

lifestyle choices.

communications planning.


market planning.

numeric profile.

Question 17. Question

Research and experience shows that most supermarkets are
able to draw customers from approximately a five mile radius; however, Trader’s
Joe’s draws from a much larger area due to their image and special products. If
Trader Joe’s uses this phenomenon in developing a persona for a group of
customers, this would be an example of what type of segmentation?






Question 18. Question

The firm that makes Betty Sue’s Down Home Pork Rinds found
that their best customers enjoy NASCAR, pro wrestling, family gatherings, and
are politically conservative. These are considered to be the __________ of the
market segment


psychographics or lifestyle

social planning elements

customer attributes

media choices

Question 19. Question

Patty’s Party Palace plans all year for their Halloween spectacular
specializing in adult versions of animated characters such as Snow White and
the Little Mermaid. Which subset of behavioristic segmentation would Patty most
likely use?

Heavy/light user





Question 20. Question

Select the definition that best describes the concept of a

A set of psychological traits used in
identifying advertising.

A fictional name and set of characteristics
describing a market segment.

The demographic traits of a group of

A set of characteristics used in setting

A segmentation strategy based on the beliefs
of consumer.

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