which method of overcoming each obstacle.

After reading Chapter 10 of the textbook, answer the questions below. 2. How will you overcome each of the major obstacles to physical activity? (Hint: Table 10.2) Provide a minimum of one method of overcoming each obstacle. Your methods must be specific and unique to your own life. DO NOT COPY the ‘possible solutions’ found in the textbook. Write your own methods. See my example below. a. Lack of Time b. Social Influence c. Lack of Motivation, Willpower, or Energy d. Lack of Resource Example: To overcome the obstacle of ‘lack of time’ for physical activity, I will not use my phone or check social media in the morning. Instead, I will take a 10 minute walk before breakfast Monday-Friday. Textbook Author: Donatelle Edition: 2nd ISBN: 9780133865011 Copyright Year: 2016 Publisher: Pearson

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