which focuses on mitigation ?

Description Identify a local ecosystem, neighbourhood, or community that you have lived in or are familiar with. Keep in mind that you will be studying the same community for Assignment 2, which focuses on mitigation (so find one that has impacts/adaptation and greenhouse gas emissions data available). This assignment is based on simple secondary research, i.e., you dont need to collect or produce your own new data, just seek reputable data that already exist. Based on this research, produce a 2000-word (+/- 10%) assessment of key climate change impacts and potential adaptation options. Please cover the following: Briefly describe the area of study demographically, socioeconomically, and environmentally. Summarize two potential climate change impacts on human systems and two impacts on biophysical systems that evidence shows can be expected in this area. Identify one adaptation option that might help this community respond to each impact (i.e., four adaptation options in total). Conclude by linking this area to the broader national/global climate change picture. Is this area particularly vulnerable? Do you think that the community possesses adequate adaptive capacity to respond to climate change? Use photos, figures, and other media to enhance the readability of your assignment Your assignment must be submitted in the following file type: Microsoft Word (DOC or DOCX) In-text citation required.

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