.Whether or not he or she has programming experience

Microsoft Visual Studio is software that you will use throughout the course. Installing this software is an important first step. The goal of this effort is to install the necessary software, follow the process to create a program, and then to learn how to use the software to execute your program.
Follow these instructions to install your Microsoft Visual Studio software.
Consider yourself an entry-level programmer. You have been tasked with the planning and development of a console program that allows one to introduce themselves. The necessary steps and features are described below.
Prepare pseudocode identifying the steps that are needed for this application to work.
The application should prompt the user for the following information:
.Whether or not he or she has programming experience
.How many years of programming experience
.One item about the person that he or she wishes to share (interests, hobbies, etc.).
You need to determine what variables are needed, as well as the corresponding data types you will use for each.
Identify the sequence of the questions you are going to ask and also what the resulting output will look like summarizing the user information.

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