What is the theoretical basis of the work to be undertaken?

What is the theoretical basis of the work to be undertaken? Is there a hypothesis to be tested? Are a couple of theoretical approaches going to be used together in a hybrid approach. What are the steps to be undertaken in the project – linking to the objectives established in Section 3.


What is your laboratory set-up or in the field set-up, presented so readers can better informed and critical of any limitations etc of your research environment and set-up, etc. For example, how will the collaboration with industry work or otherwise what are any practical implications of your Methodology from Section 3? Experiments are more then just questionnaires, interviews or physical tests in a laboratory. Programming and computer modeling are also considered experiments sop their set up and limitations can also be discussed here.


What data etc will you be working with, which variables and parameters, and what type of results do you want to investigate. Then go on to try and project the sort of outcome you are interested in and of course ultimately what the relevance of that is. 

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