What is the purpose of a literature review?

You are a nurse on 5 West who has concerns about visiting hours in the Critical Care Unit. Some nurses believe that visiting hours allow patients enough time to rest and allow the staff to provide care in an environment that protects patient privacy and modesty. However, you and other nurses on your unit feel that family presence improves patient outcomes. Some nurses have noted that vital signs are improved and patients are more responsive when family is present. You are interested in research into this problem and are considering how to discuss conducting a literature review with your team.Step 2 Consider the following questions.As you prepare to write your paper, consider these questions:What is the purpose of a literature review?

What would be the primary and secondary questions regarding the problem of interest?
How would you and your team approach a literature review based on the above scenario?
Step 3 Write a one-page (250-500 word) APA paper.Write a paper that explains the purpose of a literature review and the steps in conducting one. Explain how a literature review could help your team perform research pertaining to the above scenario.

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