What is long term plan to achieve long term goals

– Examples related to
1. stress in my work atmosphere.
2. managing and understanding co-workers
3. meeting the goals in timely fashion.
4. effective problem solving
5. decision making
6. creative solutions
What area of emotional intelligence would you like to improve. evidence, that this is an important area for improvement. Steps to improve it. How team members can help achieve.
Pls Note: Part 1 should be around 2 pagesPart2. What are your short/ longterm term goals. What changes are needed in network to further your professional goals. What is short term action plan to build network. What is long term plana to achieve long term goals
Pls Note: Part 2 should be around 2 pages
Examples related to short term goal- program management in technology company
Long term goal business director for technology leader

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