what degree does the plan outline a sustainable recovery?

Review the Recovery Plan you obtained and critique the plan according to the points outlined below.
The written assignment should be about 5 pages in length (please do NOT make this exercise longer than 5 pages ) – think of it more like a briefing report.
APA format. Critique the plan according to the key frameworks provided in your Week 6 & 7 readings.
1. Introduce the plan being evaluated and the level of disaster recovery governance it is intended for.2. Evaluate the plan construction:-Summarize the key points of preparation described in the plan. Identify both strengths and weaknesses.-Is there any evidence of theory underpinning the plan? If so, identify the theories. -Assess the level of community participation in the plan development, 3. Evaluate the sustainability of the Recovery Plan assessed: To what degree does the plan outline a sustainable recovery? Speak to the integration of each of the following on a Likert Scale of 1-5, 1 being not at all and 5 being fully integrated: -participatory processes,-economic vitality & infrastructure prioritization-social and inter-generational equity,-environmental quality, and-reducing disaster risk where possible and building resilience to disaster risk that cannot be reduced. 4. Generate your recommendations for plan improvement.

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