What are some musical theatre productions you have seen?

Use specific examples from the videos to support your ideas.
What are some musical theatre productions you have seen? Were they live performances, or movie musicals? What did you think of the dance sequences in them?
How would you describe hip-hop to someone who has never seen it?
Discuss what social dances are popular right now, in 2016. What makes them popular? How do they ‘catch on’? Think about what dancing you see people doing (or you do yourself) in clubs, at weddings, etc.
Short essay question:
What do you think folk dance will look like in 2027? Discuss what you think the trending issues will be socially, politically, technologically, etc, and how you see these tends informing the movement/dance you imagine being popular in 2027. Address who is doing the dance and where it takes place. If you feel stuck, reflect back to year 2007 and look at how far we’ve progressed since then. Reflect on what our current trending issues are today and how you think they will play out. This question will require more brainstorming than our usual questions.

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