What adjustments need to be made inside?

Power of PersuasionPlease google and examine the “HuStream Case”.
Look at this case from a management and marketing perspective.- Please craft a persuasive argument using the 4 persuasive techniques below:
1. Rhetoric (use of language to convince)
2. Detail (evidence and assumptions)
3. Tone (scholarly vs. narrative)
4. Vividness (Being concrete draws attention)*Please answer the following questions regarding the Case in your writing:

2. What is HuStreams current target market? How is it being reached?
3. What would be HuStreams new target market? Propose some specific marketing strategies for HuStream to use if it decides to pursue the new target?Your mini case should address the following:
Background of the Business Problem
Business Proposal/Options
ConclusionQuestions to address in mini-case, while answering the three 3 questions above: Come up with a business solution that addresses the issue being faced without causing any further problems for the company.Your response should have the following objectives:
First, present your main ideas with clarity and emphasis. Don’t let the reader make any assumptions or linkagesbe explicit about them in your writing so that the reader doesn’t have to make them.Second, put the claim in obvious locations such as near the beginning or end of your writing. Try to avoid burying major claims in the middle of your writing; they can be very difficult to locate for the reader. Again, be explicit here.
Always cite sources to validate your analysis. Do not just write what you think. You must demonstrate you understand the topic and how to apply the business principles to resolve the case study.

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