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We want a summary "Textual Analysis" of a section in a book. the book is called "Heating,Cooling,Lighting" by NORERT LECHNER fourth edition. I want you guys to pick up sections from the given book that talks about cooling. my project is about building a sustainable building and my roll is to talk about cooling the building. I will attach a sample of what I want so please read it and do me the same. we want at least 2 CITATIONS PER PARAGRAPH.. in the conclusion, it should consist of 2 paragraphs: 1) reflect the report 2) summarizing, and why is my topic "Cooling" is useful for sustainable building. Please use 12 point and times new roman font with 1.5 spacing and at least 3cm page margins.( if u didnt do it doesn`t matter i can fix it) but please stick to my details and sample. the sample that i will attach is about different topic but i want the same format (frame). please include the page number that you will take the citation from. and write them at the end under references. no plagiarism please for more info please get back to me. i dont want mistakes in this assignment as it`ll decide if i fail or pass. If you cant find the book, login into UTS library and you`ll find an electronic version. It`ll ask for ID and password. ID:2804866 password: Omar Al Chaar#96

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