We have started the introduction, that is what we would like it to be about.

We have started the introduction, that is what we would like it to be about. I will attach the readings and resources required + you have to find 4 of your own proper readings to use. A suggested structure for this essay: case study is to first identify what the academic literature argues about culture and cultural planning, and identify the differences between authors within the academic literature. This essay is about Cultural planning, how cultural planning is used within the penrith city council ( i will attach that file). We need to discuss what Deborah Stevenson means in her reading .. an example is ``society makes a wider definition about the term cultural planning``. please include ``creative cities`` also, Below i have written what needs to be addressed in this essay. 1. Penrith- cultural plan? including prescribed readings swell as academic sources. (four prescribed which i will attach) and four to find. 2. how academic literature defines cultural planning 3. how cultural planning is influenced by changing definitions. 4. understanding culture as art and as way of life. 5. outline the activities in the penrith council plan- strengths weaknesses, limitations and opportunities for change and development 6.what inclusive approach the cultural plan has? marginalised groups including: youth, migrants, indigenous, senior citizens, disabled and refugees. 7. include these IMPORTANT terms throughout the essay > new urbanism, genius loci, third place, and intersectionality, hetrotopia, gentrification. 8. difference between art and culture. 9. also include the triangle conflicts and creative cities. FOUR PRESCRIBED READINGS; Stevenson, D 2014, `Creative nations: the United Kingdom and Australia`, in Cities of culture: a global perspective, Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 55-76. Available Online Stevenson, D 2005, `Cultural planning in Australia: texts and contexts`, Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society, vol. 35, no. 1, pp. 36-9. Available Online Mercer, C 2006, Cultural planning for urban development and creative cities. Available Online Mills, D 2003, `Cultural planning – policy task, not tool`, Artwork Magazine, no. 1, pp. 7-11. Available Online BELOW I HAVE ATTACHED ONE OF THE READINGS & THE PENRITH COUNCIL EXAMPLE. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED TO CLARIFY THE IMPORTANT WORDS WE MUST PUT IN THE ESSAY OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER. THANKS

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