We are wanting help to formulate a pla and get research material ,

We are wanting help to formulate a plan and get research material , in a sense i am wanting most of it done for us but we want to be able to put it in my own wring style Your task in this assessment is to write an essay where you present political perspectives of an aspect of society. For example, does our system of democracy have an effect on education? Does the political ideology in play have any impact on employment? Think carefully about the focus of your essay. In a sense, you are free to set your own question within the confines of the task. You`d be well advised, however, to tightly define the boundaries at the title stage. For example `Political perspectives of the Markets and Society` would be too broad. Think in terms of a focus. For example, if the sociology of education was of interest in semester one, you might choose `Political Perspectives of Education` as your title. As an overall piece of advice, and as you might have picked up through the module, economic and sociological perspectives are often considered to be political. `Market economics` and `the working class` are sociological, economic and political. It`s your job in this essay to turn the lens on political explanations in terms of ideology (crudely, left or right) and administration (say, democracy and representation) onto your focus and, in essence, decide whether politics matters. Once you have a title and focus, structure: Introduction - say, in simple terms, what you are going to say. For education, it might be a descriptive background to the system of education in the UK, followed by economic and sociological explanations followed by political perspectives, and a conclusion. Body of the essay - `say what you said you`d say` Conclusion - we don`t expect a fully formed critique at this point in your degree. But we do expect you to have teased out certain good and not so good aspects of your focus, and substantiated your observations in the body of your essay. The conclusion is the place to restate and emphasise, and to explain the political angles you have explored.

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