Visit the Australian Stock Exchange website, and from “Prices and research”

Visit the Australian Stock Exchange website, and from “Prices and research” dropdown menu, select “Company information”. Type in the ASX code “WPL” (Woodside Petroleum Limited), and find out details about the company. Also, type in the ASX code “WOR” (WorleyParsons Limited), and find out the details about that company. Both these companies trade in energy sector. Information available in the ASX website will be inadequate for your purpose, you will need to search the internet for more information. Your task will be to get the opening prices of WPL and WOR shares for every quarter from January 2003 to December 2015 (unadjusted prices). If you are retrieving the monthly prices, read the values in the beginning of every Quarter (January, April, July, October) for every year from 2003 to 2015. To provide you with some guidance as to what the unadjusted prices look like, two charts accompany this question obtained from ANZ Share Investing, Australia. After you have researched share prices and energy sector, answer the following questions:  (a) List all the quarterly opening price values in two tables, one for WPL and the other for WOR. Then construct a stem-and-leaf display with one stem value in the middle, and WPL leaves on the right side and WOR leaves on the left side. (Must use EXCEL or similar for the plot.)            1 mark (b) Construct a relative frequency histogram for WPL and a frequency polygon for WOR on the same graph with equal class widths, the first class being “$0 to less than $10”. Use two different colours for WPL and WOR. Graph must be done in EXCEL or similar software.            1 mark (c) For sector comparisons, draw a bar chart of market capital in 2015 (in Australian dollars) of the following companies in energy sector listed in ASX: WPL, WOR, ORG, STO, CTX and SOL.  Graphing must be done in EXCEL or with similar software.   1 mark (d) What proportion of stock prices (quarterly opening values) were above $40 for each of WPL and WOR?  

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