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Using a

18 / 01 / 2019 Networking

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Task 1. Using a "word" of 5 bits, list all of the possible signed binary numbers and their decimal equivalents that are represent able in: [3 Marks] a. Signed magnitude b. One`s complement c. Two`s complement 2. A Computer uses IEEE-754 format to represent floating points. What value (in decimal) the computer represents if the floating point is represented using the following binary digits: [3 Marks] 1 10000011 11000000000000000000000 3. Using Boolean algebra, prove that: [2 marks] X’Y + XYZ’ + Y’ + XZ (Y+Y’) = 1 4. Charles Sturt University (CSU) has opened an IT Doctorate study in Sydney Study Centre. The applicant should has a master degree in IT or a master degree in electrical engineering. The applicant should also has completed project subject (e.g. ITC 570, ITC 571, …) in his master degree. Before CSU management staff approve student’s application, they have to check student master degree if it meet the requirements and also check if the student completed project subject or not in his master degree. After checking applicant documents, CSU staff has come to the following conclusions: · Approve if applicant has one of the required master degrees and has completed project subject. · Approve if applicant has two of the required master degrees and has completed project subject. · Don`t approve otherwise. Construct a truth table and find the minimized Boolean function to implement the logic telling the CSU staff when to approve. Draw a circuit diagram for the Boolean function. [4 Marks = 1+1+2] 5. Complete the truth table for the following sequential circuit: [3 marks] Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment. Rationale This assessment task covers topic 2 and 3, and has been designed to ensure that you are engaging with the subject content on a regular basis. More specifically it seeks to assess your ability to: be able to apply Boolean algebra and digital logic to design and interpret digital circuits. be able to use different identities of the Boolean algebra Marking criteria Questions Fail (<50%) Pass (50% - 64%) Credit (65% - 74%) Distinction (75% - 84%) High Distinction (>84%) Question 1 & 2 Neither the answers are correct nor the steps. The answer is not correct, but the steps are correct. The answer is partially correct or there were only a few slip of pen, or a step or two were missing. The answer is fully correct. But the steps have minor mistakes. Answer is correct All steps were shown. Question 3 The circuit design is incorrect and does not conform to the question. Boolean expression is not correct, however the steps are correct. No or wrong circuit diagram. The circuit design and the Boolean expression are partially correct but not minimised. Steps are correct. Minor mistakes in the Boolean algebra. The circuit design and the boolean expression fully correct. But the steps have minor mistakes. The circuit design is correct. The Boolean expression is minimised. All steps are explained. The circuit diagram is correct and neat. Question 4 & 5 Neither the answers nor the steps are correct Answer is not correct, but the steps are correct. Answers are parially correct but there are only 2-3 mistakes in the steps. Answers are all correct. But the steps have minor mistakes. Answer s are all correct and complete. All steps are shown and identities are listed

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