Unit 9 MT459-Consumer Behavior Final Project

Unit 9 MT459-Consumer Behavior Final Project

Unit 9[MT459: Consumer Behavior]Unit 9 Final ProjectSelect one consumer behavior topic from the list below and prepare a 5–7 page research paper. Yourpaper should include a minimum of five academic references. As with all material you submit to theInstructor, check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Please refer tothe Online Communications Guidelines for Paper Submission Standards.The Impact of the Digital Revolution on Consumer BehaviorMarket Segmentation of Online ConsumersConsumer Motivation and High Tech ProductsThe Influence of Culture on Consumer BehaviorThe Adult Consumer’s Decision-Making ProcessAssignment Checklist: articulate one of the selected topicsUtilize effective citation to support your workInclude a minimum of five academic referencesPaper should be 5 to 7 pagesPaper should be in APA format and citation styleReview the grading rubric before starting this assignment.Directions for Submitting your Final ProjectCompose your Assignment in a Microsoft Word document and save it as Username MT459 FinalProject-Unit9.doc (Example: TAllen- MT459 Final Project Unit 9.doc). Submit your file by selecting theUnit 9: Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 9.Unit 9[MT459: Consumer Behavior]Unit 9 Final Project Grading Rubric = 145 PointsCriteriaMaximumPercentMaximumPointsContentAssignment answer provides correct and complete information:50%1. Clearly articulate one of the selected topics2. Utilize effective citation to support work72.5Analysis and Critical ThinkingAnswer demonstrates critical thinking:Provides a synopsis of situationAnalyzes key issuesDefines the problemPresents alternative solutionsSelects a solutionImplements solutionMakes recommendations30%43.5Writing Style and Grammar10%14.5APA Format and citation style10%14.5100%145TOTAL

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