Understanding Financial Statements

Task This is an individual assignment with a collaborative group component. The total marks available for this assignment is 100.

Collaborative Group Component (25 Marks)

Students will be allocated to a group of 4 students. For the purposes of this question, each group will select an ASX listed company of their choice. Groups are to obtain the most recent annual report of their chosen company and review the firm’s financial statements. Working collectively, groups are then required to prepare a report which: 

1.Provides a brief introduction to the nature of their chosen firm. This introduction should provide an overview of the firm`s products/services/brands, group structure (where applicable), history, size, and the location/s of the firm`s operations (3 Marks). 

2.Discusses how the firm’s balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement could be used to support the decisions of a range of stakeholder groups (7 Marks). 

3.Identifies the key assets, liabilities, equity classes, incomes and expenses which impact the firms reported position and performance and outlines how the measurement of these items is influenced by underlying accounting conventions and concepts and by managerial judgment 

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