Travel and Tourism Venture

Report Format and Presentation with 10 slides (Harvard Referencing) 1. Identify major areas of consideration when looking at financing a Travel and Tourism Venture. 2.Define the scope and structure of profit and where it can be derived from. 3. Explain the types of decisions and considerations a manager would need to make in order to ensure their venture is financially viable 4.Outline the key characteristics and concepts of pricing and the tools in which to use in order to determine the price of a service. Highly detailed knowledge and understanding of material, concepts and theories, logical, articulate analysis a consistent feature. Persuasive points made throughout the work within a highly articulate, balanced argument, judiciously select evidence, drawn from relevant research and convincing conclusions. Exceptionally wide range of relevant literature used critically to inform argument, balance discussion and or inform problem-solving. Consistently accurate and assured conventions.

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