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This essay should be about, rich people and their dispute on paying high taxes vs. poor people paying taxes that kill their pocket.

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 Toulmin Essay on “Should the Rich Pay Higher Taxes?”

    This essay should be about, rich people and their dispute on paying high taxes vs. poor people paying taxes that kill their pocket. The essay should touch on

taxes, poor vs. rich, and the middle class. However the main idea is to argue the question-Should rich people pay higher taxes? using the Toulmin model.

    Directions for the essay are below:

    This essay will help you practice what you have learned so far in this course. First, you will choose a topic of interest. Make sure that you choose a topic with

two opposing sides. Then, you need to research that topic in order to specify the topic’s scope, so it can be easily discussed in a shorter, 1000 word essay. For

example, you may be interested in learning more about traffic issues in the United States. However, that topic is too large to cover in a 1000 word essay. After

researching peer reviewed articles that discuss US traffic issues in general, you may discover that the metro system in the District of Columbia is underfunded and

underutilized.  Through your research, you found that you could make a claim that more funds should be made available in order to upgrade the metro system, which would

improve traffic issues in the District of Columbia. This would make for a stronger, specific argument.

    This essay must include a minimum of five sources.  Three should peer-reviewed sources!!!!  You may use eBooks; however, as discussed earlier this semester, books

generally are not as current as peer-reviewed articles.  You may also use primary sources (interviews, statistics, etc); however, these primary sources should be

obtained from experts within that field.  If you cannot find strong sources for your chosen topic, then change your topic. If you have a question about the validity of

a source, please email me, or post your question to the open forum.

    Make sure to include the following sections in your essay:

    ·        Introduction and claim.
    ·        Background.
    ·        Body.
    ·        Conclusion.

    Within the body of your essay, make sure to include the following in any order:

    ·        Support for your claim
    ·        Opposing or alternate views
    ·        Strong, scholarly research
    ·        Rebuttals

    After you have written your essay, please make sure to revise the content of your essay. Lastly, be sure to edit your essay by checking grammar, format, and

smaller technical details. Please make sure your essay is written in third person.

    The Cover Letter

    Each essay due in this course needs to have a cover letter (not a cover page).  In letter for the Toulmin essay, I would like for you to answer the following

questions. Each response should be at least three sentences, with the exception of question six. The questions are below:

    1) What was the purpose of the essay? In your response, explore the deeper meaning of this question. The goal is not just to complete the assignment but instead to

convey a message. What do you plan to accomplish with this essay? What do you hope the reader takes away from this argument?

    2) What did you learn from completing this assignment? Did you experience a new understanding of the topic? Did you change your perspective after completing the


    3) What difficulties did you encounter during the research, writing, or editing phases of the assignment?

    4) What did you enjoy about this assignment?

    5) What made you decide to write about this particular topic? Is this a topic that you are discussing in another course? Is this a topic that concerns you in


    6) Is there anything else you would like for me to know before reading your essay

    The Annotated Bibliography

    An annotated Bibliography (AB) is due with your Toulmin essay. Using the MLA guide, list each source as it will appear on the Works Cited page of your essay. In

two to three sentences summarize the text. I will be checking for grammar as well. This is what makes it an “annotated” bibliography. A sample is shown below.

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