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this assignment you will implement and query a database from a supplied ER Diagram and Schema

19 / 01 / 2019 Database

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For this assignment you will implement and query a database from a supplied ER Diagram and Schema.  You will be required to write the SQL statements to create the database structures, to fill the database with data and to run queries on the data. 
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage Value of Task: 20% 
Due: Thursday Week 11 (11:55 pm) 
Minimum time expectation: 20 hours

Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
•    A1.design and implement a relational database using a database management system
•    A2.utilise a query language tools and techniques to obtain data and information from a database
•    K5. describe relational algebra and its relationship to Structured Query Language (SQL)
•    S1.interpret entity-relationship diagrams to implement a relational database
•    S2.demonstrate skills in designing and building a database application using a commercially available database management system development tool
•    S3.use a query language for data manipulation

Assessment Details
BM Holdings has provided you with a standard solution for the conceptual data model (the ER diagram).  You have been commissioned to continue your role (in your capacity as a Database Management System consultant) and to write the SQL statements to create the database and its tables, add data, and provide answer to some of their everyday queries.  The database should be created based on the ER diagram provided at the end of this document.  Some sample data are also provided to be used for inserting data to tables.  You are required to insert sufficient data to test the reports given below. 

To implement the database
1.    Translate the ER diagram provided into a relational schema using the correct notations and standards for this course.  It should include:
a.    Table names
b.    Attribute names and field types (as required by XAMPP)
c.    Primary and foreign keys identified
2.    Create a text file called nnnn_create.sql (where nnnn is your student number).   The file should include:
a.    The SQL statements to create a database called BMHoldings_nnnn.txt (where nnnn is your student ID)
b.    The SQL statements to create the tables and the relationships between them. 
3.    Create a text file called nnnn_insert.txt (where nnnn is your student number).  The file should include:
a.    The SQL statements to load sufficient data into each table you have created to test the queries given below.  Sample data has been provided, but you will need to include further data test the requirements.  You should add at least one record to the existing test data for each table.
b.    You are required to include your name as one of the customers (you don’t have to have your address if you don’t want to), but you MUST have your name and give your student id as the phone number. 
4.    Create a text file called nnnn_query

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