this assignment is business case study report.

this assignment is business case study report. you have to choose one project case study and do the critical analysis of chosen project. i have select the project myself which i have attached to assignment question. you have to find additional information and do the rest. plz follow the guideline properly as our course leader is being too strike and its last assignment. referencing style is Harvard AGPS not Harvard only. The following is a suggested structure for each paragraph in your report: Topic sentence: what element of the business case is this paragraph about (e.g. options analysis)? Recommended best practice: what does the literature say about this part of the business case? What should be included in this section? Why? Make sure you cite (reference) the literature you are using. Comparison to the literature: what did your project ‘do’ or ‘not do’ in comparison to what is recommended in the literature for this part of the business case? Conclusion/recommendation: Given the comparison you have made, what recommendations would you make to the project/organisation? Is there something they should be doing differently for this section of the business case? What benefits would that change provide? Or perhaps there is something they should continue doing?

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