This assessment is for these students only: Distance Education; Gold Coast.

This assessment is for these students only: Distance Education; Gold Coast. Assessment Group/ individual Learning outcomes Grading indicator Min Score Weight Length/ duration Due Professional accreditation Career Plan Individual 2, 3 Graded N/A 50% 2500 words 11 May 2015 8:00 AM N/A Kilby, Fox and Lucas (2005, p. 46) display an organisational chart which identifies the key managerial positions within a typical casino. They also briefly explain the roles and responsibilities associated with each position. Your task is to identify gaming venues, at least one of which is outside of Australia, that you may one day like to work at. You should plan your career path to the final position of Vice President Casino Operations at a casino, using the Kilby et al. chart. This is a senior level position and you will need to have an extensive track record in management to be successful in this position. Your starting point should be that you have just completed your degree at Southern Cross University and are about to commence work in a hotel, club or casino in Australia. This will be an entry level position, but your SCU qualification will help you obtain this position and also the higher managerial roles later in your career. You may also consider obtaining further qualifications (e.g. Masters) to enhance your employment prospects. You may find it helpful to work backwards in your plan by starting at the VP position. The Study Guide contains detailed information on how to structure your career plan and the marking criteria. Your lecturer will provide you with the marking criteria and further information to best help you complete this assessment.

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