The essay should be presented in the following format. Sections Introduction

The essay should be presented in the following format. Sections Introduction • Provide an Overview of the concept of management Content • Introduction of Management in Health Care systems • Provide a definition of healthcare management • Discuss on the type of management theories; 1. Contingency Theory: There is no one best way to do anything, but that the best method depends on the situation An approach that takes into account all aspects of the current situation and factors faced by the organization. 2. Systems Theory: The concept that an organisation is a collection of open systems. Constantly interact with the external environment. 3. Management as a Discipline Theory 4. Chaos Theory: • Discuss on the Managerial Planning and benefits of the planning Managerial Planning The process of deciding in advance what is to be done in the future. Logically, planning must come before any of the other functions because it determines the framework in which the other management functions – organizing, staffing, influencing, and controlling are carried out. Today’s healthcare activities operate in an environment that is always changing in ways institutions can neither control nor predict precisely. This increases the need for planning. The only way healthcare organizations can survive is to forecast the future, plan rationally, and prepare for change. Although many plans are not carried out exactly as anticipated because of changing circumstances, experience has shown that institutions that plan tend to be more successful than those that do not plan. Benefits of planning Planning is a rigorous process of establishing objectives; deciding on strategies, tactics, and activities to achieve them; and formally documenting expectations. It results in purposeful organisation and activities, which in turn minimize costs and reduce waste. Deciding in advance what is to be done– and how, by whom, where, and when– promotes efficient and orderly operations and reduce errors. All efforts are directed toward a desired result so that haphazard approaches are minimized, activities are coordinated, and duplications are avoided. Thus, planning has many benefits that no manager can afford to neglect. Effective management demands optimum use of the organization’s resources. Managers are entrusted with the management of both the employees and physical resources (space, equipment, tools, and materials) of the department. Determining how all these resources are used is their primary responsibility, and the basis on which their managerial performance is judged. Conclusion • Summary of key highlights of the discussion

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