The economy of Singand

•    Have a table of contents, introduction, main body, & conclusion. (No executive summary is needed). (1 mark)
•    Please include a bibliography if you use any references. (1 mark)
•    Your report should cover the following:
i. Evaluate, as far as possible, Kanymoon University’s benchmarked position. (6 marks)
ii. Define what you understand by the term, ‘Strategic management accounting’; critically evaluate any academic literature and refer to recent developments on the subject. (3 marks)
iii. Recommend one technique (other than benchmarking) that might be considered to be a ‘strategic management accounting’ (SMA) technique and discuss how this technique could benefit KU. (7 marks)
•    Assessment of your assignment will take into account: (1 mark)
- Relevance of your report to the case.
- Clarity of expression.
- Logical planning and sequence.
- Comprehensive coverage.
•    Also, marks will be allocated for presenting your report professionally including: (1 mark)
- The use of logical headings and sub headings that are numbered and also referenced through a table of contents.
- The overall presentation, including appropriateness of format, style and structure of the report, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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